General information

Tee Lake is located in the province of Québec, in the township of Gendreau. It is fed mostly  from Kipawa Lake through lac DuMoulin and empties into the Gordon Creek that eventually flows in the Ottawa River.

The lake is mostly within the city of Témiscaming. The south eastern part of the lake (from the old railway track to the south shore)  is in the municipality of Kipawa.

It may be accessed by road in two ways:

  1. by the "chemin lac Tee" (Tee Lake Road) from highway 101, about 8 km north of Témiscaming.
  2. by "chemin Jos Barbe" (Jos Barbe street)   from Kipawa road , about 3 km east of Témiscaming).

There are about 80 permanent and seasonal residences on the shores of the lake.

The water level of the lake is maintained by a weir type of dam.  For more information about the dam, see the Government of Quebec web site for dam number:  X0002991 .

The lake level is monitored and recorded on the following Government of Québec web site : Station 048603 (Gordon).