Tee Lake is generally in good condition , but many precautionary measures can be taken to ensure it says healthy.

Water contamination

The highest concentration of homes and cottages is along two shallow bays at the west end of the lake. 

  1. It is very important NOT to use lawn fertilizers or to wash ourselves directly in the lake with soap. It is also important not  to dump raw sewage directly in the lake.
  2. The "Organisme du bassin versant du Témiscaming" (OBVT) in collaboration with the town of  Temiscaming carried out a study of teh septic systems of teh lake residents in 2012. The association of cottage owners and residents recommends that the septic tanks be pumped every two years for the permanent residents and every 5 years for seasonal residents.
  3. The association will publish in the near futuire a list of all water streams flowing into the lake. These will be the subject of occasional surveillance as they could be sources of pollutants.    

Shore lines

While shoreline erosion is not a concern at this time, it is recommended that a band of vegetation along the shoreline to protect the fish habitat.

Click here to view a representation of some residents's vegetation visited by OBVT. In french only.

For more information see "Vos lacs et vos cours d'eau" of the MDDEP (French)