Re installation of the stop log removed from the Tee Lake dam ( 11:00 AM, November 27, 2002  ) 

Article published in the Temiscaming newspaper "Contact" December 4, 2002

 Last November 18 th , the public Curator of Quebec , owner of the “ Lac Tee “ dam, authorized the re-installation  of the stop log to restore the lake to its original water level. This stop log had been removed in August as part of  work  completed to temporarily stabilize the dam judged unsafe by an inspector of the Centre Hydrique du Québec” in June 2002. Upon removal of the stop log, the lake water level had dropped 30 cm resulting in very hazardous boating conditions and seriously threatening the water supply of  all lake residents including 37 living year round on the lake. 

You may recall the Saguenay flood in 1996. It was caused when a dam let go after a few days of torrential rain. After this disaster, the Quebec Government  undertook to enact a law that would ensure all water dams in the province respected minimum safety standards. In the process, they inventoried all water dams in the province of Quebec and discovered 123  dams whose owners were unknown or could no longer be found. Among these is the “ Lac Tee” dam built in 1880 by the now defunct JR Booth Lumber company. Considering the poor state of the  dam, the quantity of water of  the  Tee Lake “reservoir” and the presence of  the town of Temiscaming and the Tembec mill downstream of the dam,  the “Lac Tee” dam  is being given very high priority by the Quebec Government and a permanent solution must be in place by 2005. 

This past September 2002 a meeting of some 20  representatives at the  municipal, regional and provincial level met to begin the process of finding a long term solution. The committee members of the  Lac Tee, du Moulin and Coal Pit Bay Association insisted that temporary repairs urgently be  done to restore the lake water level to normal before the winter to ensure  residential water pipes drawing from the lake would not freeze. The Public Curator  who  was not aware of the problem created by dropping the lake water level agreed to look into it and  delivered on his promises.   

The association would like to note the full collaboration of the mayors of the Towns of Temiscaming and Kipawa-Tee Lake along with Denis Clermont of the MRD of Temiscamingue in supporting our request for urgent action on the lake water level.  With the  water supply of “lac Tee” residents protected for the winter, the association will now focus on particiapating in the discussions for a long term solution to the dam. For more information about the  discussions being held   visit our web site 

Luc Blanchet, president of the Lac Tee, du Moulin and Coal Pit Bay Association